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Welcome to our pedigree cats cattery


Our cattery is professional but small; cats live at home, with us. They are members of the family and are raised with love and care. Breeding ragdolls is my passion. I try to read everything I can about them, about genetics and possible health issues and possible solutions, about breeding cats in general. I am lucky to have a family who helps me with breeding and caring for my cats.  While breeding beautiful ragdoll kittens, we focus at their health and good, balanced temper. All cats are FelV and FIV negative. All my breeding cats have HCM genetic tests – negative (-/-) and most of them have also genetic tests for PKD, PRA, MPS, chocolate gene and dilute.

In contrast to large catteries, where the high number of cats prevents normal socialization of cats and people, our cattery is and will always be small. Cats do not like to live in large groups. They might get stressed and stress can lead to illness. That’s why our cattery will never get too crowded with cats – we resolved this issue within our own family and with the help of host families. Our cats live in several separate homes – some of them live in Krakow, some live in Siewierz, some live with our host families. Thus the number of cats living together is always comfortable – both for the cats themselves, as well as for people caring for them. There are never more than 5 cats in one group. That way, we can always devote enough attention to each of the cats and our kittens are well socialized.

To navigate this website, please use the menu (on the left or on the top of the site). Each page is in Polish and English – scroll down for the text in English – you fill find the British flag and the English text.

The cattery is registered at the Cat Club Feniks, a member of FIFe – the biggest international cat fancier society. FIFe is a federation of national members, representing catteries from Europe, Asia and South America.



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