01.11.2013. Our cats are successful at exhibitions in different countries!

Kenya october 2013


Our huge tabby girl PL * Ragissa Kenya, who lives in France, returns from every show with a medal or trophy, winning usually nomination for BIS or / and BIV. And this time was no different: at the international exhibition of cats in Besancon, Kenya won the cup for Best in Variety. Keep it up!

Kenya february 2013








Our super-handsome boy, Lamlam, who moved to China last summer, wins the hearts of the judges, breeders and spectators at exhibitions in this distant land. At the first show he won the title of Champion and received several awards, including the second place among the long-haired cats, and the tenth place among all cats of the show. Below you can see one of the judges’ ratings, where the judge from the United States is delighted and says about our boy that he is an „outstanding ragdoll”.

10.07.2013. IMPORTANT! Our british shorthair cats are moving!

Currently we only have Ragdoll cats in our breeding cattery. Our british shorthair cats live now in the cattery called Kitten Cafe – its website is www.kittencafe.eu

30.06.2013. IMPORTANT: change of phone number!

I would like to inform that in June 2013 my previous mobile phone number (505….) stopped working. Now you can contact me under the new mobile phone number: +48 – 730 81 67 48 . I will be happy to answer all your questions!

09.03.2013. We have kittens!

We have British Shorthair kittens after a great dad, the only male in this color in FIFe in Poland.
All kittens carry the color of cinnamon.

 06.01.2013 and 26-27.01.2013. Cat show in Ostrava and Warsaw – Matze is CHAMPION!

The year 2013 started successfully. Our male ragdoll, Matze, visited the exhibition in Ostrava (in early January) and Warsaw (in late January), and received all certificates for the title of champion, and the first certificate for the title of International Champion. In addition, he was nominated for BIS (Best in Show) and in Warsaw he got BIV – Best in Variety. We are proud of our furry monster, he is very brave.

01.12.2012. Sukcesy na wystawie w Ołomuńcu, Czechy!

The exhibition in Olomouc in the Czech Republic organized a special show for ragdoll cat breed – Breed BIS. More than 60 beautiful examples of the breed participated. The competition was huge, not only in terms of the number of cats, but also of their beauty. Beautiful ragdolls arrived from the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovak Republic, Hungary and Austria.

We had huge success. Our youngest beauty, female Leni Ameleony*PL, in the class of kittens aged 3 to 6 months, gained huge praise from the judge, and received Ex1 and was nominated for Best in Show. In addition to this, she was chosen the most beautiful blue bicolor, winning with adult cats, and received the title of BIV Total (Best in Variety). Then, she was chosen the most beautiful ragdoll age class 3-6 months! Best in Show!

Matze received a certificate CAC for champion and then, out of 6 cats, he was voted the best adult seal mitted and received the title of BIV-Best in Variety and was nominated for Best in Show. During the vote on the best cat of the show, our Matze received 3 votes, while the winner got 4, so we are very proud of our cat, because after all, he lost by a hair (voice) :)


10.11.2012. TOP RAGDOLL of RAGi-DAGi!

At the exhibition in Gorzow Wielkopolski, diplomas and prizes were awarded to winners of the TOP RAGDOLL 2011. They were the most beautiful ragdoll cats, which got the highest number of points and victories in 2011. Our Calvin took third place in the category of adult males and second place in the category of kittens and young cats. We are very proud of him!

19.02.2012. Our Matze won the prize for the most beautiful cat 2012 at the Cat’s Day Show in Krakow!

On Sunday 19.02.2012 there was a cat show in Krakow. Our 2 males participated and they were loved by the visitors. Our Sweetfellow Quirinius Matze of Ragissa (Maciek) has won the prize for the best longhair cat at the show. Our cage was decorated in African style and called „The House of the Lion King” – and our Matze was the King, of course. Look at his mane! To see more pictures on our Facebook profile, just click on the picture!









29-30.10.2011. World Cat Show in Poznan – great results!

With great pride and pleasure we can say that our breeding cats have been recognized at the World Cat Show in Poznan. Both our boys had strong and very attractive competition in their classes. Despite this, they both won!

Our Calvin Klein defeated a year older competitor and got Ex1 and his first certificate for Grand Inter Champion (CACGIB). According to the judge, even though he is still very young, Calvin is a great in type ragdoll, promising even more success in the future.

Our Matze of Ragissa did even better! He not only defeated a very beautiful male of the same age, getting Ex1, but also, he won over all seal mitted ragdolls, winning the BIV title – Best in Variety. We are extremely proud and happy that, despite fierce competition, our boy went off so well at the World Cat Show, where more than 1,500 cats from around the world were shown.
World Cat is a unique event, organized annually by a member of the FIFe. This year’s exhibition was the biggest-ever exhibition of cats, both in terms of number of exhibitors and visitors. Pictures of our males during the judging at the Cat Show in Poznan can be seen on Facebook, on our profile at:



03-04.09.2011. International cat show in Zilina, Slovakia

Despite the chaos and crowds (the show was organised in a mall – shopping centre), our cats have received great results, again. We are especially proud of our Calvin. In great style, ge hot his last certificate for Interchampion – international champion. Along with this title, he got the title of BIV (best in variety) and he was nominated to the BIS panel. Our young female Dolly made her debut at the show in open class and she easily got her first and second certificate for champion title.





27-28.08.2011. International cat show in Opole

I have the great pleasure to share the successes of our cats at the last show in Opole. We showed three of our breeding cats: Calvin, Lady Lara and the young kitten, recently imported from Germany, our „Maciuś” or Matze of Ragissa. All three won a prize – medal, or even …. eight medals! :)

Calvin Klein, our adolescent male, won the title of champion, and received his first (of three) certificate for International Champion. On the first day, there was a comparison for BIV and Calvin got the title! Additionally, both on the first and second day of the exhibition, the judges nominated him for the election of Best in Show – that is he got the Nom BIS.

In my opinion, the most valuable title is, however, the BIV, or „Best in Variety” – only the best cat of all those present at the exhibition in certain colour variety, regardless of titles held by them and their age, can get this title. Comparison of cats for this title is onlypossible when at least 3 cats of a colour variety are present at the show. Therefore, I am extremely proud that all my cats taken to the exhibition were given the title of BIV in their colour variations, both the first and second day of the exhibition.

Lady Lara, our „big-boned” lady has shown that you can also get the title of Champion and 2 x BIV, even if you already raised a bunch of children :) Lara, as befits a lady, prefers a more refined entertainment, she definitely hates exhibitions, that’s why we will not take her anymore to shows and she has finished her show career.

Our Sweetfellow Quirinius-Matze of Ragissa, or simply „Maciuś”, competed in the class of the youngest kittens (3-6 months) and showed his great class, receiving the title of the BIV both days and, on the second day, the nomination for Best in Show (Nom BIS). He got a lot of praise, and his weight and size aroused admiration – at the age of 4.5 months he now weighs 3.7 kg. We are very proud of him and we hope he will continue to develop in such a good direction.

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23-24.07.2011. International cat show in Cieszyn

Our Calvin began his career in open class, where adult cats compete for the title of champion. We are very proud of our beautiful stud, because he received the certificate for champion (CAC) on both days, Saturday and Sunday. And additionally, on both days of the show, he beat all the other cats in the same colouring, and he received the honorable title BIV! It means Best in Variety (the best cat in a colour variety). Our Calvin again aroused admiration of all judges and visitors who could not believe how deep the colour of his eye is, and how amazingly calm he stays in every situation. On the first day of the show, Calvin compared to the Nomination to BIS lost by a hair to an experienced Birman cat with the title of Supreme Champion – but it is not a shame for a young cat such as Calvin to loose with such an „old-timer” … On the second day of the exhibition, Calvin defeated other cats, such as a rare breed American Curl and a Mainecoon and received NOM BIS! We are very proud of our beautiful „Prince” and we are already getting ready for the next exhibition … keep your fingers crossed! :)

Photos from the exhibition can be viewed on our profile on Facebook, at:



04-05.06.2011. International cat show in Krakow

Despite the heat on these days, our cats took part in the international cat show and have received great results. We are especially proud of our ragdoll male – Calvin. He impressed the judges on both days and he won BEST in SHOW (kittens 6-10). Our british shorthair female, Lena, debuted at the show and received pretty good results of Ex3 and Ex4 – which is the third and fourth place. There were 7 females compared in this category, so we are proud of our Lena, who just turned 10 months old and only begins her show career. The competition was fierce and the judges liked her very much and said that she is very promising young female.


The exhibition in Warsaw 12.13-02.2011.

This weekend was full of excitement! Youth from our cattery has come out at the Warsaw show with a special Ragdoll Show. The competition was great:) Our kittens showed their class :) , received much praise and best notes (Excellent) and they were gracefully representing the race – both in the show and in interviews for television.
One of the interviews can be viewed here:


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We are very proud of our Calvin, who impressed all the judges and visitors. Our Girls – Eilean and Dolli also received a lot of praise and we hope that soon we will have them again in the class of adult cats:)

Cat show in the Galeria Krakowska 05.02.2011.

Speaking immodestly – our cats were very successful at the show in Galeria Krakowska shopping centre! :)
Eilean, Dollinna and Calvin – this was the trio from our cattery. Our stand proved to be very popular among visitors – our fluffy cats were impreesive and, unlike many other cats, they lay stressless on the roof of the cage… the got caressed by hundreds of hands of graceful feline lovers …

Their charm has proved to be irresistible – we got the victory in the category of the most beautiful long-haired cat at the show. We got: a medal, trophy and prizes, including a collar with Swarovski crystals and a beautiful and robust scratcher!

Photos from the show can be viewed on our profile on Facebook: